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Pair O Dice
once upon a time deep in the belly of the beast
Missing Autumn
Wednesday was hot, high 80's
Turkey Day was cold
Friday I put up 50 xmas lights around front door
Today it is near freezing, raining with possible snow in the hill country west of here.
We missed a season, no fall except for falling leaves. Now it is winter cold, wet, dark.

Click for Austin, Texas Forecast

I've been able to paint, bundled up in cold studio, for the last three days. DS came over tonight and honestly told me my painting was boring and he is correct. Good to have a second set of eyes. I have tomorrow to push it forward. We'll see.

Cracking almonds and crackling fire tonight.

Put out cat carrier and sheet for outdoor cat ojn side porch.

Two outdoor potted plants ok for now, no freeze called for in the next couple days.
No swimming, school pool closed. Barton no sun, wind and air too cold. Monday will swim at sschool no matter the air temp.

Two last weeks of class left, then a lot more time.

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Current Mood: cold, cold
Current Music: WFMU - Fuckintosh - Erik Satie vs. Richard Wagner

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